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SP-TL21 2inch Desktop Label Thermal Printer

2017-06-26 10:23:45

Labels have become indispensable in people's lives, whether in clothing, milk tea shops, restaurants, retails, medicine, warehousing and other industries, Labels will appear everywhere. 

And these labels printing tool has become a major iterm in printer brand competing products. 

After repeated investigation and adjustment, SPRT finally developed the first desktop label printer, product model SP-TL21, to support various national industries and help them improve their work efficiency.

SP-TL21 2inch Desktop Label Thermal Printer


1. Adjustable paper house, printing without limit

Standing in the user's point, SPRT repeated use to meet the different needs of users. Only for one printer, by adjusting the paper house, printer can print different width; and the paper adjustment range is 20-58mm; if adjusting the label direction, the width of 80mm could also be used.

SP-TL21 2inch Desktop Label Thermal Printer

2. Upgrating printing speed; label automatically stripped

Traditional labels are printed hand-picked, which is low operating efficiency. SP-TL21 add label automatic stripping technology, firm structure, and stable and reliable performance. Print labels automatically peeling off, could greatly improve work efficiency. The model printing speed supports barcode 127mm / s. The printer  is definitely a very good helper for users.

SP-TL21 2inch Desktop Label Thermal Printer

3. Dual mode printing, No ribbon

A printer with dual-using, label and thermal papers combo, easy to switch command on the label and thermal paper printing. 

SP-TL21 2inch Desktop Label Thermal Printer

4. Support alarm function for notaking receipt

In the daily busy work, people are prone to forget taking the labels. This not only delayed the work, but also leave bad impression to visitors. So SP-TL21 specifically support alarm function if no taking receipt; even in a noisy environment, you can see the lights flashing, to add a layer of protection for user's work.

5. Compatible with ESC, TSC, CPCL commands.

6. For Multi-industry.

TL21 can meet the printing needs of catering, stores, warehousing, logistics, clothing, medicine, electronic components, milk tea, jewelry, restaurants, fruit shops and so on.

We will look forward to working with you in more scenarios on SP-TL21.

SP-TL21 2inch Desktop Label Thermal Printer