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Bluetooth Printer Integrating With Taxi APP Perfectly

2018-06-22 15:59:43

               Bluetooth Printer Integrating With Taxi APP Perfectly 

Bluetooth Printer Integrating With Taxi APP Perfectly

With the development of Android OS and wiressless communicaton, now there is perfect complete solution to replace traditional taxi meter. We , as the bluetooth pritner supplier, has offered reliable printers for many Taxi App Developers. Above brochure is one of our successful solution for taxi management company , FYI. 

Our coopearated Taxi App is called "Taximeter-GPS" ,developed by "Blue Lion Solution.  You can download their software from App Store,or contact them through their website:  . The software installation is very easy, just like other Android software. For setting of printer , pls refer to the below steps: 

1. Ask for Receipt delivery at end of trip in the app Settings.

2.Select our printer---SP-RMT9. A green printer icon will appear in the status bar when printer has been connected successfully.Then, start a trip by      clicking on 'For Hire'. Drive around and when trip is finished, click on 'Hired' and answer the various questions it asks.

Now many taxi companies has switched to this taxi meter solution, which is low cost,flexible,convenient and user friendly. More importantly, the taxi company owner can take everything under control through just one app. Whenever or wherever you can check the condition of your driver and your car route in time . So it is not bad to have a try. There is also free trival account . 

Once run across any problem, pls contact us. We will be on line 7*24 hours.  

Hope to do you a favor in the future .