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Multi Application Of 3 Inch POS Printer

2018-08-30 17:48:09

Multi Application Of 3 Inch POS Printer--- Print Sequence

Now more and more people is familar with POS printer. Actually most of us just knows the basic functon --- print receipt. However sometimes it can be multi function and gets involved in other industries. Today I will introuce one more applied scene to you ----- work as queue machine,like below.

Multi Application Of 3 Inch POS Printer

After upgrading the firmware, we can print the sequence by controlling the feed ,power button and setting tool.  So for some small or medium shopes and restaurants, it will be a really good choice. Cause it is low cost and easy to operate. Now we have customized this function for many clients. 

Normally it can print from 1,2,3 to endless. Or you can decide to print from 100,101 to endless. What's more, you can add your name,logo ,address or other contact info. All of this can be operated by software--- setting tool. Very simple. 

Once you have interest in it. Do not hesitate to contact us !

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