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2019-10-31 08:28:01

Chinese famous writer Lao She said: The autumn of Peking is a paradise. 

In order to enrich the spare time of SPRT employees, enhance the friendship between colleagues, and broaden their horizons and cultivate our sentiments, under the organization of the company's administrative department, the first batch of employees and their families went to Fenghuangling to participate in mountaineering tourism activities on the morning of October 27th. A day's ascendant is full of laughter, we walked into nature and enjoyed a leisurely time.

Tourism activity is an integral part of corporate culture and a symbol of employee care. This event is not only provided everyone with an opportunity to relax. Moreover, while enjoying the beauty of nature, we also feel the joy of harmonious team life and it enhances mutual understanding between departments and colleagues.

We hope everyone can work happily and live happily!

Go travelling