New arrival 2”/58mm Label Printer SP-TL26

Fully considering the actual usage in warehousing, retail, catering and other industries, we have launched TL26. This machine has a super high printing speed of 127mm/s, which improves work efficiency from the root, and can switch bills and labels at will. This printing mode can easily deal with more complex situations. From this point of view, it can be seen that when SPRT launched new products, it has done sufficient market research and adopted user feedback, so that the printer will no longer be a “” Decoration”, let the printer bring changes to the retail terminal.

In addition, the compact body is also one of the bright spots of the SP-TL26 printer. In the impression of many people, the printer has always occupied the desktop space of an inch of land, The size of SP-TL26 printer is 185*116*125mm which is the smallest in the printer industry. The size of the printer will not take up too much area no matter where it is placed. This once again brings the environmental adaptability of the SP-TL26 printer to the extreme, especially in the retail industry where there is a lot of traffic, the compact machine.

111Simple design, stylish appearance
USB/LAN/Bluetooth/Wifi Interface
Front paper output for smoother printing
Can share the host with POS printers
Supports ESC/POS and TSPL commands

Printing Method:Thermal Line

Resolution:8 dots/mm(203dpi),384 dots/line
Printing Speed: Max 150mm/s, General 127mm/s
Paper Width: 20-50mm
Cash Drawer:DC12V, 1A, 6pin RJ-11 socket
Power supply: DC12V±10%, 2A
Paper Thickness:0.06mm~0.14mm
Paper Supply Method:Drop-in easy paper loading
Paper Cutting Method:Manual,Auto-peel (label paper)

Post time: Jun-17-2022