Android printer SP-Y33Q-smart POS terminal

With the rapid development of China's Internet industry, many companies are keeping up with the pace of the Internet and courting users with smarter and more practical products and services. However, the terminals in the retail industry have always been neglected. Most retail terminals, cash registers, etc. have only added mobile payment functions. The end-of-month inventory and profit statistics of merchants have to be done manually, which undoubtedly increases the workload and error probability. Now, SPRT has brought the SP-Y33 retail terminal printer which is not only good-looking but also smarter, which is bound to set off a new revolution for the retail terminal industry.


The size of SP-Y33 retail terminal smart printer is only 220mm*137mm*142mm. Its small size allows it to cope with various application scenarios calmly, and its weight of only 1.3KG greatly increases its portability. Sexuality, let people get rid of the tall and heavy impression of traditional printers. The whole body white and the blessing of the 7-inch large screen make the SP-Y33 of SP-Y33 undoubtedly become the value of the retail terminal printer. In addition, the rich interfaces such as USB interface, network cable interface, WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, serial port and so on can make it perfectly connected with other terminals such as display screen and advertising screen, Y33 brings many interfaces, but the hidden design keeps it simple and simple, if you don't remind it deliberately, you will even ignore it in real life. Compared with traditional cash register printers and other products, this simple but not simple design is also easy to maintain SP-Y33 later.

SP-Y33 is the crystallization of technology accumulated by SPRT for many years. It perfectly combines aesthetics, ease of use, portability, easy maintenance, intelligence, etc., so that every user can experience To the fun of intelligence, so that every retail terminal can enjoy the convenience of intelligence.

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Post time: Mar-23-2022