The advancement of science and technology will inevitably promote the development of society. With the continuous innovation of science and technology, our lives are becoming more and more convenient, and various self-service devices are constantly emerging in our lives.

However, the diversification of users will inevitably lead to different levels of operation. In practice, improper operations often cause self-service equipment failures, such as paper jams. Based on the current status, SPRT has launched a new embedded printing unit to modularize the product, which can not only meet the DIY style selection of the equipment manufacturers (select modules to combine different product forms), but also target different Construction to achieve different angles of installation.


What’s more, the paper feed channel of SP-EU805 adopts a 180-degree design, which can realize the paper in and out, which can minimize the chance of paper jam. This reduces equipment failures caused by paper jams, reduces equipment maintenance time, and saves equipment maintenance costs.


Post time: Mar-22-2022