Guarantee product supply! Guarantee stability of price

2021-06-23 17:54:42

By Molly Wang

Dear customers,


With the global supply of chips tight and prices rising sharply, the thermal printer industry is facing huge challenges. The vast majority of thermal printer suppliers in China have already taken action to increase prices and postpone lead time, which brought business difficulties to distributors.

To this end, SPRT actively improves the supply chain, negotiates upstream chip cost, promotes production efficiency, and reduces management cost, and workers work overtime to complete orders to ensure adequate supply and minimize the loss of raw material shortages to agents.

Here, our company solemnly promises that the thermal printer price will not be increased within three months, and the delivery time will remain at a normal level, that is, within 3 working days for 500 units and 3 weeks for 5000 units.

Thanks again to distributors in various countries for their long-term support to SPRT. We believe that under severe situation, SPRT team hard work and proactive commitment can exchange closer cooperation and healthy development of the industry!