How long the writing on thermal paper can be preserved

The writing on thermal paper can be preserved for a long time, from half a month to several months.

Thermal printer working principle: it is installed in the print head semiconductor heating element, heating and contact thermal printing paper can print out the required pattern, the principle is similar to the thermal fax machine. The image is produced by a chemical reaction on the film through heat. The chemical reaction of this thermal printer takes place at a fixed temperature below 60 centers, and the paper has to go through quite a long period of time, even years, before it turns black; At 200 degrees Celsius, the reaction takes place in a matter of microseconds.

Precautions for the use of thermal printer: Printer on the thermal printing paper is expensive, easily damaged, the cause of damage is largely due to the thermal printing paper quality is unqualified, as a result, the quality of the paper is to determine the service life of the paper, the main reasons for those rough surface, the thickness of the free fibre and hot pink poor printing paper, printing paper wear is larger, the life is significantly reduced. So when buying, pay attention to whether the surface of the paper is smooth texture feel soft at the same time with nails or other hard objects on the paper line, choose to draw a clear, dark line of printing paper, to ensure that the powder appropriate handwriting.

Thermal printer advantages: thermal printer is easy to use, save the trouble of replacing the printing head or ribbon of the general printer, clear and uniform handwriting, low noise. And the most popular ink printers need to add some ink to print, but thermal printers do not need at all, only need to use specific thermal paper, the use of the printer’s unique thermal response to achieve the purpose of printing.

Post time: Apr-19-2022