SP-POS588 Smart 58mm thermal receipt cloud printer.


Smart 58mm thermal receipt cloud printer

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself briefly!

Name: SP-POS588

Date of Birth: 20th, Mar., 2021

Height: 143(L) X 103 (W) X103(H) mm

Weight: 0.41kg

Food: 58mm width thermal paper

Support Type-C interface, Bluetooth interface, WIFI interface, printing speed 80mm/s,

I dressed up well, and officially show myself on the market!

I am a cute printer jointly completed by SPRT and Chinese food delivery giant Meituan. After 38 transformations and upgrades from SPRT engineers, in 2021, SPRT produced 100K of my brothers and disters and put all of us on the market! In the streets and alleys of China, we are everywhere! I am often present in the takeaway industry, catering industry, fiscal industry, logistics and warehousing industry. My beautiful grey outlook will make you fall in love with me at first sight, and the smart functions, elegant design have made me a hit in the market from last year. If you search carefully, you will find that I am the best looking among 58mm printers!

I have many functions: automatic order taking, real voice broadcast, fast printing speed…Bringing together the characteristics of intelligence, simplicity, and caring, makes me confident in the POS cloud printer market. In the future, I will also develop the function of connecting to the 4G network to meet everyone’s different needs for interfaces. If you like me, take me home. And you can also connect with 50 SPRT engineers to develop the cloud platform together!

Today, full of enthusiasm, I am looking forward to entering more business stores,to help them receive more orders! I am sure that I will contribute to the POS industry all over the world just like any other SPRT printers!


Post time: Jun-24-2022