SP-POS890, 80mm POS printer supports 4 connection interfaces: USB/LAN/BT(4.0)/WIFI(2.4G/5G).

From the user's point of view, adhere to the tenet of "customer-centric", emphasize that under various environments, it can meet the current objective procurement needs, pursue the goal of "achieving customer satisfaction", and constantly improve the appearance and processing speed according to market demand. , convenient effect and innovation in price. In terms of appearance, we constantly seek to be more in line with human mechanics standards, adopt a variety of schemes to simulate the working environment, and conduct physical research to summarize customer experience and feelings, and finally achieve the most suitable shape.


In terms of price, in order to better respond to the objective needs of the current international market, seek macro strategic intentions based on long-term maintenance, minimize profit margins, in order to meet the current volatile international market. SPRT developed the SP-POS890 with the original USB+Serial and USB+Ethernet interfaces into the current USB+Ethernet+Bluetooth+WIFI interface. Not only has it made a qualitative leap in convenience, but also on the original basis, it is more ergonomic and helps customers solve unnecessary troubles. More importantly, the WIFI version keeps up with the trend and can also seamlessly connect to the maximum processing speed of 5G.

SP-POS890 is a classic product provided by SPRT. The series of themes have been featured for many years, and it has maintained strong vitality and market tolerance in the field. Its models are widely used in catering, retail, hospitals, banks, fiscal printing and other fields. After many times of communication with customers, market research work, and thousands of times of repeated deliberation, the adoption of the model caters to the objective needs of the audience to the greatest extent, both in appearance and in function. favored by the market. Its appearance is beautiful and generous, the lines are simple and smooth, and it has a very high degree of recognition. It can be said to be one of the most classic star products.

Details refer to: https://www.sprt-printer.com/beautiful-appearance-80mm-thermal-printer-sp-pos890-product/

Post time: Mar-23-2022