The beginning of 2020 is very different from anytime before. The eruptible COVID-19 epidemic broke all rules of our normal life. Since January, through the efforts of Chinese government, doctors, and all people in China, now the situation of COVID-19 in China has been good. However, the virus didn’t stop their steps. They swept all over the world rapidly to threaten the healthy and safe of all people in the world, also including our customers.

SPRT took the action promptly to send the small healthy presents to our customers. Hope they could take care of themselves and their families well to go through this disaster. Meanwhile, customers also expressed their thankful hearts to us.

Mask on the face, warm in the heart! This epidemic will do influence the business, but we believe, SPRT, as the industry benchmark enterprise, must uprise from the overwhelm and go forward. Winning will come soon!


Post time: Mar-22-2022