Our online store Amazon (SPRT Printer) will be opened on Amazon at June 2022

SPRT, as a superior manufacturer with 23 years history, in the face of technological progress and the development of the Internet, has decided entered the mainstream domestic e-commerce platforms. JD and Taobao have been opened in 2019, now they have a history of 3 years, and received thousands of good reviews from our users and become a high level online store with comprehensive score of 9.5, which plays an vital role in the company’s market expansion. In the same time, it also build our self-confidence for online project.

In our history, SPRT mostly focused on the trade between enterprises and enterprises. A large number of end customers expect us to establish online self-operated stores. Therefore, in order to expand the new market and meet the needs of our reliable customers, our company has decided to invest in building our own store on Amazon SPRT Printer. It is planned to be officially launched in June this year, and the products cover hot-selling models like SP-POS891, SP-POS8810, SP- POS902, SP-TL54, SP-TL31, SP-TL51, etc, mainly includes two categories of POS printer and barcode printer. We believe it can establish a direct purchase path for end customers who trust SPRT, and also provide a path for market development.

For end customers, you can purchase it directly from Amazon and get your printer shortly (Our Warehouse in CA). For enterprises, you can get sample printer on Amazon within 5days, which save much time for both of us.

In the future, SPRT will adhere to the consistent principle and provide clients and customers with the best printers and the most professional POS solutions.

More related info about online store please see the latest news in near future. Or you can contact us for getting the link of our online store.


Post time: Apr-19-2022