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Congratulations on the Success of NRF Retail Exhibition in New York, USA, in 2024

In this era of rapid information development, SPRT have emerged in the domestic and international retail industry with their outstanding performance and innovative capabilities. Recently SPRT was invited to participate in the NRF Retail Exhibition, the most influential retail show in the US, to explore the future trends of the retail industry with global retail leaders.

The NRF exhibition, also known as the National Retail Show, is a benchmark for the global retail industry. This exhibition attracted top companies from all over the world to jointly explore the future of the retail industry. As a leading enterprise in China’s thermal printer industry, SPRT was invited to participate in this grand event to showcase the charm and strength of Chinese manufacturing to the world.

The exhibition features a variety of SPRT thermal printers, which have won unanimous praise from the clients on site for their high efficiency, stability, and intelligent features. It is noteworthy that the SP-POS8811, SP-Y37, and SP-POS890 models have become the highlights of the entire show with their outstanding performance and exquisite design.

During the event, many customers from the United States and around the world highly praised SPRT products. A retailer from New York stated, “SPRT printers not only have outstanding performance but also simple operation, making them very suitable for retailers who require fast and efficient printing.”

Since its establishment in 1999, SPRT has always focused on customer-centricity and continuous innovation and excellence. The company’s vision is to become a leader in the global thermal printer market and provide our clients with smarter and more efficient products and services. Participating in the NRF exhibition is not only an excellent opportunity to showcase our company’s strength and expand international business, but also a valuable platform to explore the future development of the retail industry with top global enterprises.

Looking to the future, SPRT will continue to deeply cultivate the thermal printer market and actively expand international business. We believe that with the joint efforts of all staff, SPRT will achieve even more brilliant results and contribute more to the development of the global retail industry.

We thank all friends for their attention and support for SPRT. We look forward to creating a beautiful future together with you!



Post time: Jan-22-2024