SPRT thermal printer new arrival! SP-POS890 WIFI 5G

2021-03-03 18:35:31

By Molly Wang 


SPRT new arrival! SP-POS890, with four connection interfaces supported:USB+Ethernet+Bluetooth(4.0)+WIFI(2.4G/5G).


From the user's point of view, it adheres to the "customer-centered" tenet, pursues "achieving customer satisfaction" as the goal, and constantly innovates according to market demand. SPRT developed original SP-POS890 with USB+Serial, USB+Ethernet interfaces to current USB+Ethernet+Bluetooth+WIFI interface. What’s more, WIFI version follows the latest trend, maximum processing speed of 5G.

SP-POS890 is a classic product provided by SPRT , widely applied in catering, retail, hospital and bank fields. After many communications with customers, market research work, and thousands of repeated deliberations, it has been favored by the market once it launched.