Teach you to “play with” printer series thermal label printer

Now there are many shopping malls and milk tea shops, etc., which are widely used in label printers, mainly to give people a faster and more convenient way to find this commodity in all commodities when they sell it. But what if people run into all kinds of problems in the process of using it, don’t have time to find the technology, and don’t know how to set it up themselves?

I’ll show you how to set up and check the label printer.

Label printer applications and fields:

Label printer is divided into: thermal printer and thermal transfer printing two types, can print labels, commodity price tag, bar code, and other modes. With the development of science and technology, the products printed by label printer are widely used. At major bus stops, for example, many people have noticed an extra sign on the bus stop called the Public Travel Information Query System, which has a black and white maze of patterns along with detailed instructions on how to use them. While some “cool” young people try to take photos of the strange pattern with their mobile phones, all of a sudden, information about the site’s travel routes, nearby restaurants and entertainment businesses, the latest discount information, download coupons, customized purchase products and other information appeared on the phone screen.

Installation and use method:

1, unpacking inspection

When unpacking, we must see clearly the details inside, there is no less. (Carbon tape, label paper, printer, USB cable, power supply, CD, etc.)

2, installation supplies

Thermal sensitive without carbon tape, directly install a good bar code paper. There is also a need to install the carbon belt, to install the bar code paper, when the carbon belt must be good instructions, do not install the carbon belt backwards, it can not be used.

3. Calibrate the paper

Connect the USB cable to the computer, and then turn it on. When the three lights are on normally, press and hold the Cancel key. When the three lights flash at the same time, let go, and then press the Feed key.

5. Installation of software and drivers

With the own CD into the computer drive to install editing software BarTenderUL point next, next, the installation can be completed

Notes for daily maintenance of printer

1, label printer in the use of the process to often go to maintenance, such as: after printing a roll of carbon tape or printing for a long time, mainly clean the print head and drum.

2. General label paper is self-adhesive. In the process of use, the glue on the paper is easy to stick to the rotating shaft and channel, and it is easy to stick to dust after a long time.

3, in normal use of the printer do not suddenly power off, so easy to cause a circuit board short circuit.

4. Do not disassemble and assemble by yourself.

Post time: Apr-19-2022