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Mobile Sales Solution

By using mobile terminals, it can protect the customers information, save the logistics and human cost, to fasten the card checking



Empower end users to print from their mobile device

1. Use mobile terminal to replace the paper form, transfer customers information and sales process by e-service.

2.To avoid customer information lost, improve the checking efficiency.

Recommended models: SP-T12BTDM, SP-RMT9BTDM, SP-T7BTDM



High compatibility and various installation size make the printers easy to be installed into various instruments and apparatus.



To meet the stability and compatiblity requirements of customers, SPRT continuously updating the technology and design of printers. We have developed and perfected a range of panel printers, which are more suitable to all kinds of instruments and apparatus.

Recommended model: DVII, D10, DIII, DIV, D9, D8,D11,D12, D17, E3, E4, E5, EU805, EU807.



High compatibility and optional installation sizes make the printers easy to be installed and programmed with various medical equipment.



As professional and experiened manufacturer for panel printers, a lot of medical equipment development companies find us and intergrate our printers into their equipment. With high stability and perfect technical support, the printers are using smoothly in the medical equipment, which can print curve graph, timely data, anylysis results etc.High compatibility and various installation size make the printers easy to be installed and programmed.

Recommended model: DVIID10DIIIDIVD9D8,D11,D12D17E3E4E5EU805EU807.



Traditional express slips have encountered many challenges in current logistics industry environment: handwriting entry is inefficient, illegible handwriting causes information system entry errors, traditional dot matrix printing slow speed, and so on. The appearance of the electronic waybill system has greatly improved the efficiency. With the suitable printer, the above problems are solved.



Currently, the traditional express waybill procedure: the courier picks up the package at the door, the sender fills in the courier form manually, and then the goods are returned to the courier company to enter data in system. Using electronic coupons can reduce the ratio of handwriting and increase the amount of coupon information. SPRT label printer printer can print 44mm, 58mm, 80mm size label paper or ordinary thermal paper. It can print easily regardless of electronic waybill and thermal receipts. Various interfaces are available. It can improve efficiency with mobile terminals. They are Excellent cost-effective printing equipment.

Recommended model: L31, L36 L51, TL51TL54 etc.



Based on retail and supermarket requirement, SPRT developed a seriez of different printer models to satisfy different customers’ requirement and application field.



With the rapid development of automatic bookkeeping, electronic supermarkets have gradually deepened. Supermarkets and convenience stores in streets and alleys have started to use cash register systems to facilitate their control and management. As one of the necessary parts of the cash register system, POS printers are required to be durable, easy to change paper, and able to adapt to complex environments.

Recommended model: P-POS88V, SP-POS890,SP-POS891, Y33.